Email – Agent Messaging provides an email like way for leaders to communicate with their team.

Dashboard – Each message that is sent requires an Activity Category and Activity Discussed selection that feeds a dashboard of what leaders and agents are discussing.

Instant Visibility – Have instant visibility into areas that may need a leader’s attention that arise from a high frequency of the same issue being discussed in AMs.

Agent Acknowledgement – Messaging requires that the agent acknowledge receipt of a message sent to them. The number of messages pending acknowledgement, agreed acknowledgement and acknowledgement questions are also shown on a standard compliance dashboard. Leaders know at a glance whether coaching is taking place or not.

Clean Desk Policy – Remove all the paper off the desk. AM allows clean desk communication and reduces the risk of sensitive data breaches.

Focused Communication – CCT allows leaders to talk with agents, leaders to talk with other leaders and agents to talk with their leader. Agents can’t talk with each other.