office-336368_1920What is Performance Management ?

Performance management is a shared understanding about how individuals contribute to an organization’s goals.An effective performance management and appraisals process focuses on aligning your workforce, building competencies, improving employee performance and development, and driving better business results.

Benefits of an effective Performance management Process :

When employees see how their work contributes to organizational achievements, they’re more engaged and inspired in their work. Effective performance management also helps cultivate the organizational and job-specific competencies each employee and the organization need for high performance and success.

The bottom line: Performance management is an ongoing practice, not a once-a-year task. It ensures employees get the continual direction, feedback and development they need to improve and succeed. The success of your workforce, if aligned to your organizational goals, will drive business results.

Keys to Success :

In our Center of Excellence, you’ll find how-to articles, eBooks and webinars to help you implement a performance management process that will help your employees achieve their goals and develop the competencies they and your organization need for continued success. We also have forms and templates to help managers guide their employees, develop them and foster a culture of high performance.

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