Our Services offering encompasses two primary areas. IT contact center consulting and contract development services. Many engagements include blending the two services.This allows us to use our experience from managing large IT teams and use our software development expertise with our software group to build the applications that your contact center needs.

Contract Development

Our contract development engagement typically are a blend of consulting on an application or system that our clients need developed. We use our IT contact center experience to offer recommendations and insights into ways to improve the application requirements. Our development team will take the requirements and build the applications. All project management is handled by our consultants that have managed development teams throughout their careers. This provides experts that have the contact center know how to ensure the applications are built for the specialization that’s needed specifically for contact centers.

  • System Integration
    • Web
    • TN3270/5250
    • Telnet
  • Process Automation
  • Back Office Reporting
  • Java
  • Asp .Net
  • Web
  • PhP