pc-image-11. Implement a flexible shift model :
1. Alternative Work Schedules:
Any schedule other than that which is standard to the work setting.
a) Flextime: Schedules based on worker needs within set parameters approved by a supervisor.
b) Compressed Workweeks:  Workers work full time hours in less than the traditional 5-day workweek by increasing daily hours worked.
2. Arrangements Regarding Shifts and Breaks:
a) Shift Arrangements:  Workers who are assigned shifts by their employers enter into arrangements with their employers giving them more  flexibility regarding the shifts they are assigned.
b) Break Arrangements:  Workers who generally can only take assigned breaks enter into an arrangement with their employers giving them more flexibility over when they take breaks.

2. Keep track of your shrinkage :
How can you reduce shrinkage? There are three key elements:office-336368_1920
1. Better match call volume with agent availability through a flexible shift model.
2. Increase forecast and schedule accuracy by including additional parameters.
3. Monitor and improve schedule adherence.

3. Improve schedule adherence :Once you produce optimized schedules, it will be important for agents to stay on schedule, taking their breaks and lunches on time and returning on time, reducing shrinkage. What should you do to improve schedule adherence?
1. Inform and Educate: Agents need to understand the relevance of schedule adherence, how a mere 10 minutes here and there impacts other agents and the entire call center performance.
2. Measure and Manage: Measure and track adherence using workforce management tools and solutions, tracking adherence in real-time and running reports. Share these adherence reports with your agents and discuss how they are doing. It is important to give regular feedback regarding adherence statistics.
3. Offer Incentives: Reward agents that adhere to their schedule (95 percent within adherence scores) through recognition within the team and tie bonuses to good scores. It is also critical that all agents are aware of the consequences for out-of-adherence behavior; this establishes their responsibility towards the success of the call center.


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