Bob Kasten Founder, CTO

Finding out more about us can be found by looking at our agent performance management tool. Contact Center Tools has all of the experience and knowledge that we’ve gained working in Information Technology in the Contact Center Industry for 20 plus years. It brings together an agent performance management capability that spans everything that’s needed to ensure your organization has agent tracking, accountability and communication. Most contact centers have an agent performance management plan. Once the plan is established, our experience has taught us that there needs to be a way to implement and enforce the plan. That’s who we are. We strive to bring our clients a performance improvement that has an impact across every facet of agent performance.

My Passion

My passion stems from a strong desire that I’ve had since an early age to use my creativity to build solutions. My career has grown from starting as a programmer over 25 years ago, to managing several large IT teams in two of the largest business process outsourcers (BPOs) in the world. My biggest satisfaction comes from building innovative solutions that find new ways to better manage the business processes, make IT a revenue source, reduce costs through automation or improve quality.

Outside of my work, I’m passionate about experiencing new cultures and learning about people. I’ve been able to explore my passion through travel to different countries from Peru to Nepal to Iran. I’ve learned that we may look and seem different in some ways, but those differences are mostly unimportant. What’s important in the broadest way is that people are people and we all want most of the same things. Joy in our lives, peace to live like we choose and a happy family.

My Personal Results Story

I can list off several financial successes and other technology impacts I’ve had, but that doesn’t tell the real story behind my success. The results that I’ve been able to achieve come from the people that I’ve learned from throughout my entire life and career. They span leaders in both technology and business. Many have been kind to share their experience and knowledge and then allow me to use it for my personal and professional growth. I’ve used what I’ve learned to create new and innovative tools and systems that bring results to the business.

The key to technology is knowing that it is not an end unto itself. It’s one of the instruments in the orchestra that becomes a beautiful sound only when we hear it playing side by side with the other members of the business team.